2013 SmartFile As A Platform Bake-Off


The 2013 SmartFile Platform Bake-Off is finished! We had 9 finalists that presented to our panel of judges, the top 4 then presented to our Bake-Off Party audience. After a public vote, the winners were...

  1st Place - Team Octodog (IUPUI) - SmartClip

  2nd Place - Winnovation (Purdue) - SmartBox

  3rd Place - Dangling Pointers (Rose-Hulman) - ReciCopy

  4th Place - Paradox Duo (IUPUI) - KISSync

Thank you to the student teams, the judges, the audience, and everyone who showed support. We will do it again in 2014, but bigger and better. See you next year!

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