SmartFile is a multi-featured platform that can be used in so many helpful ways. Sure, you may know about our secure file sharing feature, but did you know that our on-premises file management tool gives you enhanced security by handing you complete ownership of the encryption keys, thus protecting your data at-rest and during transfer?

The graphic below shows 10 of SmartFile’s most popular use cases, including using it for encrypted file storage, internal file server replacement, cloud storage governance and much more. If you’re looking to manage any one aspect of your files, SmartFile likely has a solution for you.

We made this infographic so you can start being a power user right away. It’s also a great resource for our experienced users who may not be taking advantage of all our solutions. Check it out below and feel free to download or print it for a quick resource guide.

smartfile use cases

If you haven’t tried SmartFile and want to know more about these features, click here to request more information from our sales team.

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