3 Tools For Smart Social Media

Managing all aspects of social media at SmartFile, it’s sometimes difficult to find those tools that help make blogging, posting, and tweeting a little easier.  With that said, I’ve compiled a list of the social media tools I use in hopes that they may help your business easily form a strong social presence online.


WordPress is an easy-to-use publishing tool that makes blogging a piece of cake.  With WordPress, I am able to create multiple users and edit their access and ability to use the site with simple role-based titles, such as ‘Writer’, ‘Administrator’, etc.  I can create hyperlinks and add relevant photos to my blogs with just a click of a button.  Even better, I have a list of relevant topics for easy search criteria, so I am able to check all of the searched topics that my blog post fits under.  As for comments and posting, I can manage spam by approving or deleting comments before they become available for viewing below my blogs.

Mashable, Digg, and Google Alerts

Writer’s block.  Everyone gets it, and it comes quite often when you’re in the file sharing industry.  I try to keep things interesting, and I find my inspiration on sites like MashableDigg, and Google Alerts.  You can always find relevant news, industry trends, and related blog postings on such sites, giving you a little better idea of what to write about when you think you’ve covered all there is to cover about your company.


GrabInbox has been a great tool to use in regards to sharing posts with multiple social media channels.  Currently, I have my personal Twitter account, SmartFile’s Twitter account, and four LinkedIn profiles attached to GrabInbox, giving me agreater reach with less time and effort put into posting on each and every site.  I’ve also used GrabInbox to schedule my tweets and posts, which is great because it does all of the work for you!

Overall, if you find yourself in a bind with your social media efforts, there is probably a tool out there that would solve your problem.  Research your resources and find what works for you!

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