A lot of people have experienced the dreaded “Email Attachment Too Large” message (or some variation of it) that makes you rethink the email you are sending. Sometimes that sweet PowerPoint you made is so enormous there is no way of it ever reaching your clients through Outlook or webmail. So how do you send large files through email?

Email does have file size limitations (estimated around 10mb-25mb), and even with the recent advances of popular clients and various plugins, there are still file size ceilings you can hit.

Keep reading and I’ll show you 4 steps to help you figure out how to send large files through email.

How To Send Large Files Through Email – Tip 1: Re-Save It

This is often overlooked but can be a very easy fix just by selecting options in the “Save As” menu. PDF is a great example because there are many different presets that determine the end file size. Another great example is with images and videos. They come in many different formats but some have more compression than others. When dealing with images it is best to save them as JPG, PNG, or TIF; other formats will have little-to-no compression. With video, the most popular format for maximum compression is H264. Save time and resave before you go any further.

How To Send Large Files Through Email – 2: Revise It

Sometimes it is necessary to revise the file to get it down to size. This could be a great opportunity to review your work and optimize the content. One page in a PDF or PPT could drop the size down enough, you never know. When working with images and video, you may want to scale down the resolution to something a little smaller. These small changes can make a huge difference in file size.

How To Send Large Files Through Email – 3: Compress It

Zip it, archived it, compress it, whatever you call it. When you want the quick fix to get the file size down, this is always the way to go. Turn 30 files into 1 file, or turn a 10mb file into a 6mb file. Depending on the source file, compressing a file can sometimes drastically reduce the file size.

How To Send Large Files Through Email – 4: SmartFile It

If all else fails, send the file (or folders) through SmartFile. There is NO file size limit to the files you upload or send, so this is a fail-safe option every time. Send a 50gb file, or 20 folders with 2gb files in each! You never need to compromise file type, file revision, or file compressing. The recipient will have a unique URL that they can easily download one or all the files you send. Unlimited file size is always a great option for whatever project you are working on. Click here to try SmartFile free for 14 days!

These 4 tips are an easy way to start optimizing your files for email without getting rejected for attachment size. You should now know how to send large files through email! Sometimes one of them does the trick and other times it might be a combination of all of them. As long as the files get delivered, do whatever it takes! Make sure you spread tell all your colleagues some of these tips on how to send large files through email!

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