4 Rapid Development Tools for Programmers

A simple Google search for “rapid development tools” will return an impressive 40,500,00 results (in .31 seconds, mind you). Now, that’s a lot of different tools. So how are developers using all of these resources? They’re using these rapid development tools, to do just that: quickly build applications. Instead of sitting down and coding each feature of an application by hand, developers are able to take these tools and test, modify, debug, create UI, and much, much more.

While specific for .NET programming, DevCraft calls itself “the ultimate toolbox for developers.” It includes tools for web, mobile, and desktop UI controls, tools for testing the application, and reporting data. Devlopers can create their application using the tools provided and then publish it as a widget either through Javascript or HTML 5, also provided through DevCraft.

Codesmith Generator
CodeSmith Generator is a template driven source code generator that creates automates the creation of common application source code for any language. This reduces repetitive coding and produces fewer bugs than if the code were done by hand.

GitHub is a web-based hosting service for projects that use the Git revision control system. Developers use social networking features to share their versions of open source code. Developers contribute their open source to collaborate with other developers and build code more quickly and efficiently.

SmartFile for Developers
SmartFile for Developers provides open source APIs for developers to use to integrate file sharing into their applications. Along with the open source API, multiple SDKs are available for different languages, so no matter what the developer is using to create the application, they can use the API. SmartFile for Developers is currently free, and comes with 100 CG of storage space, with unlimited data transfers and API requests.

Every application is different, and no two developers are going to build it the same way. By using different rapid development tools, developers are able to save time and effort. These tools can extend the application’s abilities and make it more effective and with less code. And after all, isn’t that every programmer’s dream?

What kind of tools do you use when you’re building a new application?

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