There is a new workforce of young people coming out of college that see the world differently. This generation, dubbed Millennials, is a unique group of young professionals that are unlike past generations for numerous reasons. Managers and business leaders need to understand how Millennials think and how their views differ from that of the current (and past) workforce.

We’ve outlined 5 facts that every compliance manager and business leader should know about Millennials. Here is an excerpt from a recent whitepaper:

1. Millennials Tend To Be Communitarian

Millennials are the most diverse and educated generation in history. 67% have active passports and have travelled abroad. They are the first group to consider themselves citizens of Planet Earth as readily and interchangeably as they identify as being American citizens, and they are the only group to never reach a majority assertion that the U.S. is superior to other countries. 80% say they want to change the world . This is the first group in history to be so well traveled, support a global framework and worldview, and want to make a difference in it.

Traditional values and nationalism are not held in high esteem. Intellectual Property, be it patented and copyrighted items, or securing company data are viewed through a Communitarian lens. Companies are sometimes seen as the monopolistic oppressor, even in a small business context. With a moralistic value system where a major emphasis is placed on community and what is good for the whole (utilitarianism), this sensitive data is not necessarily viewed as sacred by the millennial. If one thinks the information would better serve the community at large, be it a copyrighted song or movie, or as in the case of Edward Snowden, data, they may not have any reservations about sharing.

If you would like to read the other 4 facts and get even more important information regarding Millennials, click the button below to download the whitepaper.

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