Let’s face it, if you’re still using a self-built, in-house FTP server today, you’re behind the times. There are a bunch of reasons your company should ditch your FTP server for a more secure FTP server alternative. Here’s 6 reasons you should dump your FTP server and upgrade!

Reason #1: FTP is Almost 45 Years Old

Per Adam Bosnian, a VP at Cyber-Ark Software, the protocol was 40 years old back in 2011. IT professionals get paranoid when some machines or network assets are just 5 years old! Ask yourself, why should I trust something that was designed when Richard Nixon served as the President of the United States


Reason #2: FTP Servers are Expensive

Even if you make your own FTP server, you should expect to pay a minimum of $5,000. That doesn’t even include ongoing electricity or maintenance costs that you’d accumulate each year!

Unless you have bags of money to throw around on outdated technology, you should consider spending out a few extra bucks for a self-hosted File Management Platform (FMP) that does a whole lot more and will make your job easier.

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Reason #3: FTP Wasn’t Designed for Security

The people who developed FTP originally didn’t build it for security back in the 1970s. FTP servers weren’t built to withstand today’s security threats, both internally and externally.

That’s like expecting a bunch of beat up, one-man fighters to blow up a huge space station capable of destroying planets with a single shot.

Battle of Yavin FTP Alternatives

Maybe this wasn’t the best example.

You should also ask yourself if the time you spend trying to make your own FTP server secure could be spent on business-related tasks. By considering an FTP server alternative, you’ll save yourself some headaches and a few bucks.

Reason #4: FTP Clients are Hard to Use

From a non-IT employee/client perspective, FTP is hard to use compared to other offerings. Finding a quality FTP alternative will often give you an interface that’s familiar to you (for example, letting you use an FTP client such as FileZilla) and give your employees a responsive and easy to use web-interface that doesn’t require any installation, training or product updates on their part.

In regards to external clients, nothing is worse than rushing a large file to their FTP server, wondering if it’s secure, and then having to show them how to successfully download the file. This clunky process will cost you customers, especially when they find out how easy the process should be when they eventually find a provider who uses an FTP alternative.

Also, the only way of identifying problems with your transfer is through FTP server response codes. Yuck.

dilbert easy to use alternatives for ftp

Reason #5: FTP is Hard to Audit & Monitor

Computer and network security regulations were non-existent when FTP was created.The logging and auditing capabilities of your FTP server likely don’t meet the minimum requirements for today’s security regulations.

To be honest, if you put your own minimum security regulations on an internal policy document, your FTP server would likely struggle to meet those levels. An FTP alternative like SmartFile gives you a lot more auditing, logging, notification and monitoring control than your FTP server.

Reason #6: FTP Has Weak User Permissions

Nothing is more annoying than that call asking for permission to XYZ folder, maybe except for the 3-4 follow-up calls requesting that same permission again because it didn’t work for some reason.

user permissions ftp alternatives

Everyone’s Favorite Pop-up from Windows ME

Designing a folder and user permission structure is hard. Maintaining those permissions and structure never gets any easier either. Going with an FTP alternative with granular user permission and role management will save you a lot of time with setup and on-going usage.

What’s a Secure FTP Alternative?

SFTP, FTPS and FTPES are all more secure options that can be used by many FTP clients. They either place a secure wrapper around the protocol or change the way it’s transferred, protecting sensitive data and user credentials.

It’s important though to take a good look at an FTP server alternative as well. We discuss that next.

What’s a Good FTP Server Alternative?

While it may seem cost effective to build your own FTP server, the bottom line is the technology is outdated and it’s going to cost you. SmartFile will give your company peace of mind and make your day easier.

Why is SmartFile Enterprise a better alternative? SmartFile will install and maintain the on-premise appliance, meaning you can focus on the more important tasks that often get pushed by the wayside when your dealing with your own FTP server. It will help you securely connect, manage and monitor all of your files and network assets with the people inside and outside your organization. Finally, there’s no clunky interface and it can be branded your own way, meaning your clients and employees see how flexible your business can be.

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