A Developer Friendly Alternative to Amazon S3 Storage

Amazon Web Services may be the biggest player in infrastructure and application services in the cloud, but Amazon S3 is not always the most effective development and storage solution. S3 is built on a simple get/put interface; letting the user upload their files, but without any sort of file and user management.

With SmartFile for Developers, users can go beyond basic file storage and have a variety of tools to integrate better file storage and management into applications.

These tools, or endpoints, along with other development features, allow the user to manage and integrate their files with their application. SmartFile for Developers offers the same basic operations of S3 including, move, rename, copy, remove (delete), import, and compress, but it offers more detailed operations. The user is able to set permissions for individual users, create user preferences and sync. Within the portal, the developer can also access the activity of the files and test connectivity all with live documentation.

SmartFile for Developers gives access to a RESTful API with client SDKs available for Python, Java, PHP and C#. Ruby and JavaScript will be coming very soon.These SDKs are all hosted on GitHub and are open source for the developer community to expand and build on.

This is just part of what sets SmartFile for Developers apart from Amazon S3. This unique platform, built on our own proprietary infrastructure, gives developers a toolset to help build a better application or integration faster than ever before. You aren’t just building faster, you’re building smarter.

Our FREE beta offer bests S3 as well: 100GB of file storage, unlimited transfer, unlimited API requests and much more. Sign up for your SmartFile for Developer account and see what you can create!

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.