Why An Advertising Agency Needs a File Storage Service

An advertising agency is composed of different departments working together to finish a marketing project. Because of the nature of the business, it is normal for these departments to share files and edit them according to each of the department’s assigned tasks. To have a smooth work flow, some advertising agencies share files on a home server. While servers are a good business investment, they are not always the practical choice, especially when there is a more affordable option.

File storage websites cater to your file sharing needs and more at a price lower than getting your own server. You can forget about server maintenance and upgrade costs because you are using a provider’s servers to store your files. You also won’t have to worry about running out of storage space as you can easily change your storage plan according to the needs of your growing advertising agency. Online file management is a good way of making sure important files will be available to authorized individuals whenever they need it. You won’t have to worry about server downtime, virus threats and data loss because files are mirrored using RAID configured storage disks.

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