Allowing Customer FTP logins from your Website

Maintaining your brand is a crucial part of business. That is why we put so much emphasis on custom branding your account. You need to share large files but the last thing you want is for your customers to leave your website. A simple work around for that is to have your customers log into your SmartFile account directly from your website. Using the following snipit of code allows you to add a login prompt anywhere on your site.

<form action="" method="post" target="_parent">
  <input name="utf8" type="hidden" value="✓">
  <input name="login" type="hidden" value="">
 <fieldset class="textbox">
  <input type="text" name="login">
  <input type="password" name="password">
  <button name="commit" type="submit">Login</button>

If your account is currently branded you can replace the action with the sub-domain associated with your site;

(If you dont have an SSL remove the “s” and use http://)

You can also have your customers log directly into the “Manage Files” section and bypass the home screen by using the following action;

This is a seamless way to transfer large files back and forth with your customers and keep them coming back to your website. If your SmartFile account is not currently branded and you would like it to be, Click Here to start the process.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.