Architectural firms usually duplicate blueprints of their projects. This allows them to have a reference design or if the client needs revisions on the plans. However, blueprints can fade over time especially if they are exposed to light or stored in a humid environment. It would be wise to convert them to a digital copy and store them in a secure data storage for future use.

Digital copies of blueprints should be stored in a secure storage medium in case the original deteriorates. If you are looking for an alternative storage medium, you might want to check out SmartFile’s online file data storage service. This lets you store files in a remote server and retrieve them anywhere there’s Internet connection. This alternative medium is fail-safe and has security measured to prevent unauthorized access to your files. You can also use this service to back up other documents like your balance sheets, documents and other important business files. You can integrate SmartFile’s API backup module into your system to automate the process of copying your files into your account.

Enjoy the benefits of convenient and secure data storage with SmartFile storage solutions. We have different storage plans to meet your needs. Take advantage of our free 14-day trial today.

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