The Beauty of Branding

For today’s blog, I wanted to touch on SmartFile’s branding.  Of course, many file-sharing companies provide custom branding, but you may not realize how selfless SmartFile really is when it comes to displaying your company’s image.  Some file sharing companies use you for their marketing tactics, refusing to use any logo or domain name besides their own in order to receive all the credit when your users or clients use their system.

With SmartFile, it’s a little different.  Our graphic designers customize your FTP server to your color scheme and stamp your logo in the place of ours, all to your specifications!  More importantly, we support either sub-domains ( or an actual domain (, so SmartFile completely disappears from your site.  The beauty of this branding is the fact that your clients never see SmartFile – we give you all the credit!

But, is this type of branding something that you need?  Of course.  Custom branding creates a more professional appearance for your company, and it keeps everyone on the same page with a foreseeable and consistent appearance.  Whether you are a university, a church, a construction company, or a photographer starting up a small business, custom branding will always make your company look more professional and put-together.  You can thank us later.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.