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The Benefits of File Protection in the Construction Industry

Construction has been one of the most important industries since the dawn of time, but the way construction companies store their information has changed significantly during the past few decades. It is critical for construction companies to think carefully about how they store their confidential information, as there are always dangerous hackers and criminals trying to steal it. Furthermore, there are other extraneous threats to construction companies, such as natural disasters, outdated hardware, and human error. That is why protection and storage are so essential for the construction industry.

Take a look at some of the impacts of proper file storage in the construction industry, and do not hesitate to reach out to a professional who can lend a helping hand. It can significantly impact the daily operations of construction companies of all shapes and sizes.

The Evolution of Construction Companies and Data Storage

There are a number of significant ways that construction companies have changed during the past few years. In the past, this was largely an industry that was driven by paper and pencil. It was not unusual for construction workers to take their blueprints, store them in a file cabinet, lock the cabinet, and walk away. Even though there might still be a few companies that operate using these methods, it is much more common for construction companies to use digital practices. 

Computers, tablets, laser measures, and even 3D printers now play a significant role in the construction industry. Construction companies can modify building plans by scanning them into the computer. Then, they can transmit those plans to the construction site in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, communication takes place in real time, dramatically improving how efficient construction companies can operate.

Even though all of this new technology is important for construction companies, it also means they need the right technology in place. Construction companies have a tremendous amount of information they need to store on a daily basis, and that is why construction companies must invest in strong data storage solutions that can help them appropriately manage the flow of information from place to place.

Construction companies that are able to implement modernized storage practices will have an easier time not only protecting their information but also keeping it organized. This can help them save time during the course of the day, making it easier for them to meet their deadlines.

Why Proper File Storage Matters in the Construction Industry

There are a lot of reasons why construction companies need to think about how they store their information. Construction companies use very specialized data, including timesheets, technical information, and blueprints. All of this information must be able to be quickly and efficiently shared throughout the company. Construction companies with large data volumes can quickly fill up the primary storage vehicle. This is particularly true if these large data types are not structured accordingly.

It is also not unusual for construction companies to retain their information for a long time. It could take years for a construction project to finish, and the project might be changed several times. That is why construction companies need to have efficient data storage devices. That way, they can quickly figure out which version of the file is most recent, and they can figure out how they can distribute their information quickly to those who need it.

 If construction companies can implement proper data storage practices, they will have an easier time meeting the needs of their clients. Furthermore, they can also invest in strong protection measures that can make it easier for them to guard sensitive information.

The Benefits of Working With Professional Data Storage Solutions

Clearly, companies must invest in professional data storage solutions. Some of the top benefits of working with a professional data storage vehicle include:

  • Companies can save time by migrating older information into less expensive storage solutions.
  • Construction businesses will be able to access their information from just about any location at any time, which can help them save time during the course of the day.
  • It will be much easier for construction companies to reduce the time it takes for them to back up their information, which can make their operations more efficient.

Companies need to think carefully about the storage solution they use. Even though there are plenty of options out there, the right storage solution for one company is not necessarily going to be the right storage solution for another company.

Construction companies need to consider the solution’s scalability, how long it will take them to learn how to use the storage solution, and the total amount of space afforded. That way, they can put their construction employees and managers in the best position possible to be successful. Do not hesitate to reach out to an expert who can help you.

The Top Ways Construction Companies Can Protect and Store Their Information

Construction companies must think carefully about how they can protect their confidential information from harm. Because they have so much valuable information, construction companies are common targets among cyber criminals.

Some of the most essential tips that construction companies need to follow include:

1. Encryption Is a Must

All construction companies need to make sure that their information is properly encrypted. Typically, files are encrypted at their origin and destination; however, many files are not encrypted as they are moving from place to place. This is where criminals will try to intercept the information and steal it. There are different encryption solutions available. Some are meant for laptops, while others are meant for mobile devices. Regardless, construction companies need to invest in a strong encryption tool that can help them protect confidential information from harm.

2. Keep an Eye on User Permissions

User permissions do not have to be an all-or-nothing situation. Just because someone has access to the server doesn’t necessarily mean they have access to everything. You need to establish different levels of authorization when someone accesses your information. This is not necessarily a lack of trust, but it is vital to make sure you minimize your risk. That way, if someone is the victim of a phishing attack, the hacker doesn’t have access to all of your information. Always keep an eye on your user permissions, and update them as your employees change roles and responsibilities.

3. Archive Old Information That Is Not Needed Now

Construction companies are typically required to keep their files for a certain amount of time. Even though they cannot destroy them, they still need to store them. Instead of allowing these files to take up extra storage space, it is beneficial to take that old, unused data and move it elsewhere. For example, construction companies may want to take the information and archive it on a separate server. You should always take your old files and store them away from the primary server. That way, if someone hacks into the server, they do not have a chance to steal all of your information. Make sure the other server is adequately secured.

4. Stay on Top of Your Antivirus Software

If you are a construction manager, you probably have a lot to do on a daily basis. You may not always have time to think about your cyber security. On the other hand, you still need to stay on top of your antivirus software. Just as you are working hard to protect your information, hackers are working hard to steal it. You must make sure that you update your antivirus software from time to time. If there is a new version of your antivirus software out, it has probably been updated to protect you against the latest attacks. Make sure you update your antivirus software regularly.

5. Backup Your Information

One of the most critical steps you must follow is to back up your information regularly. You may want to think about following the 3, 2, 1 data backup and storage rule. This means that you need to have three copies of your information stored in two separate locations, with one location being off-site. If you back up your information regularly, you will be able to continue your daily operations even if you are the victim of a natural disaster or a cyberattack. Do not hesitate to reach out to a professional to learn more about how you can properly back up your information.

Work With SmartFile To Help You Manage Your Construction Data and Information

If you are looking for the best way to manage your information, you need to partner with SmartFile. SmartFile provides you with access to a wide variety of benefits that make it easier for you to share information with those who need it while also protecting your confidential files. Some of the top benefits of working with our file sharing solutions include:

File Versioning

You must ensure you have access to a comprehensive file versioning tool. This is a tool that allows you to take a closer look at how the file has changed over time. That way, you can figure out the most recent version of the file. If you are tired of looking through the email chain to figure out which version is the most recent, count on SmartFile to help you.

Granular User Permissions

You should also use SmartFile to provide your company with access to granular user permissions. This means that you have exact control over what someone can access and what they cannot access. You must ensure you only give people access to what they need to do their jobs. You do not want to give someone access to everything. Otherwise, your entire server will be at risk if their credentials are stolen. With SmartFile, you get access to the granular permissions you need.

Audit Trail

With SmartFile, you also get access to a comprehensive audit trail. What this means is that you can take a look at who is accessing what documents and when. This is important for regulations. If a regulatory authority asks to take a look at who is accessing what file, you can pull up the record quickly and easily. You can also use this paper trail to see if someone is accessing your information from a separate location. That way, you can remain vigilant in the event of cyber criminals and hackers trying to steal your valuable information.

Automated Notifications

You should also work with SmartFile because you get access to automated notifications. There is no way that you can keep an eye on everything all the time. On the other hand, you do want to get notified when something goes wrong. If someone is accessing your files from an unauthorized location, or if you have changed the setting to notify you when something goes wrong, SmartFile can alert you. That way, you can respond quickly, protecting your information.

Save Money

Finally, one of the top benefits of working with SmartFile is that you can save money. With access to the latest cloud storage and sharing tools, you can reduce your costs by decreasing your software and hardware expenses. You don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive equipment when you use the cloud. You also don’t have to worry about managing a bunch of servers. If you are interested in optimizing your cloud storage solutions, SmartFile can help you.

Work With SmartFile To Protect Your Construction Files and Data Storage

In the construction industry, proper data storage has never been more important. You must protect your confidential information, and SmartFile can assist. This comprehensive file sharing and data storage tool will grow with your company. 

Furthermore, you have access to comprehensive cost transparency, allowing you to budget accordingly. You no longer have to purchase multiple hardware and software programs to handle different facets of your data storage. Instead, allow SmartFile to take care of all of your file storage and sharing needs at once. We can provide you with the protection you need.

If you would like to learn more about SmartFile, contact us today. It would be an honor to help you protect the most important information to your business.

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