The Benefits of FTP

One of the common options in sending a big file from one person to another is through the use of FTP. Over the years, a lot of FTP services have become available across the Internet.

A FTP or file Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files between different computers on a network. It is a fast and an efficient way of transferring bulk data over the Internet. A File Transfer Protocol has an automatic back up feature. This service may be used to access online data,  transfer files, and exchange files.

Using a FTP online storage has many impressive features. First, it allows you to have control over file transfer. This feature enables data transfer whether they are in ASCII mode (text files) or in binary mode (compressed files). It also has an automatic back up feature which is particularly helpful if a copy of an important file is lost or corrupted. FTP has started to become popular among people who use online storage; and transfer and send large data frequently.

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