Data CenterIf you’re looking for a file transfer protocol upload program for your website or business, make sure to look for a program offering the features listed below.

User-friendly Interface
The interface must be something that even first-time users or those new to FTP would not have any difficulties using.

Web-based Transfer
The service must allow you to quickly and easily upload files to the server via your web browser. If it works with all the commonly used browsers like Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox then consider that as an additional advantage.

Built-in Editor
The best programs also allow clients to modify HTML and other types of files with use of their built-in editor. This would allow you to manage your files anywhere anytime and using any computer or any other Internet-ready device.

Upload and Download Speeds
The service must also be able to retrieve and display files quickly. For this to happen, your preferred FTP hosting website should have a sufficient number of Internet pipes and data centers working with their system.

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