Client Profiles: IMS Productions

In professional video production, large files are commonplace.  Our clients depend on using SmartFile to send, receive, share, and manage those huge videos to clients around the world.  One of our clients that specialize in video production is IMS Productions out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  IMS Productions uses SmartFile as a part of their daily routine to ensure their clients receive high quality HD video from any production location.  I spoke with Ken Ferguson, Client Services Manager, at IMS Productions about their company and the challenges they face when dealing with large video files.

Being a video production company, what services does IMS Productions offer?

IMS Productions provides high-quality video, audio, and multimedia solutions using state-of-the-art high-definition equipment and a staff of experienced producers, editors, graphic artists, videographers, and engineers.  We will create storyboard, write, film, edit, mix, and deliver content based on our clients’ requests.  From a thirty-second web video to a one-hour documentary, the entire production process is contained under one roof at IMS Productions!

You must deal with huge video files everyday, what challenges do you face when working and sending them?

Video files are big…Period.  We provide raw HD video to production houses all over the world.  If we’re sending video to another post house to edit, the files need to be as high-res as possible.  There aren’t many videos we post that are short and sweet so the sizes can get quite large. Therefore we upload numerous large video files daily.  Also, when we’re editing videos in-house for clients we need approval at various points of the edit process.  There’s no time to send a DVD and wait on the client’s response.  The nature of the television industry is all about the deadline.  An air-date is set in stone and there’s no changing it.  It’s imperative that we deliver video as quickly as possible.

How does SmartFile fit into the business model of IMS Productions?

SmartFile is a huge part of our daily workflow here at IMSP.  Our main use is to deliver HD video to clients all around the world.  We also use it internally.  When we have a crew at a race track or on a location shoot they can post raw video to the FTP so we can begin editing immediately.  A large FTP site with great bandwidth is necessary to get anything done in a timely manner.  Providing video files to clients would be extremely difficult without SmartFile.

Last question, what is one SmartFile feature you can’t live without?

Links, links, links.  Before we used SmartFile as our FTP solution, we’d have to provide detailed step-by-step instructions to clients.  Those who weren’t extremely technologically savvy would have a very hard time downloading/uploading to our old FTP site.  The ease of use really makes clients comfortable and more than willing to request more footage from us.

SmartFile would like to thank Ken Ferguson for his time and everyone at IMS Productions for their continued support of SmartFile.  If you are ever in need of high quality video production, please check out IMS Productions.  Their work is outstanding and their customer service is above and beyond.  Check out their website here at, follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook.

If you are a SmartFile customer that would like to be interviewed, please contact us at anytime.  We’d love to hear your story and tell it to the world!


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