Client Profiles: Jet Mail Inc.

As we continue our in depth look at our amazing customers, there are many of them that use SmartFile for very different things. Jet Mail Inc. is one of our clients that utilize FTP hosting for a substantial part of their everyday operations.  Jet Mail Inc. is a leader in the direct mail and mail fulfillment industry based in Hudson, Massachusetts.  I interviewed Stephen Smith, Technology Director, about how Jet-Mail and how they utilize SmartFile.

First, let’s get to know your company.  Tell us a little more about Jet Mail…

Jet Mail began as a mailing and fulfillment company over twenty years ago. Through the years, we’ve evolved into a multi-channel company offering our customers; marketing, data, direct mail, fulfillment, print, creative and global logistics services.  For many of our e-commerce clients we have become their complete “ back-office”.

How does Jet Mail utilize SmartFile?

Our direct marketing clients operate in a dynamic fast pace environment. We exchange hundreds of files weekly getting time sensitive campaigns out the door.  The files we FTP back and forth with our clients have grown in size and volume every year. Building out an IT infrastructure with the capacity and redundancy to support our FTP needs is not within our business plan. That’s where the “cloud” and SmartFile come into play.

What is the biggest benefit of using SmartFile?

The biggest benefits of using Smartfile are cost effectiveness and dependability. We can meet our clients FTP needs keep our costs down and our uptime at 99.9%.  SmartFile allows us to focus on what we do best.

What is that one feature Jet Mail couldn’t live without?

FTP access. SmartFile has added to our business by relieving us of all the things that would be involved in setting up a fault tolerant, high performance, easy to use FTP solution for our clients. It works for us as a straight forward FTP solution. The biggest benefit is “set it and forget it” just like Ronco (hahaha).

A big thank you goes out to Stephen Smith and everyone at Jet Mail Inc. for their time and insight.  Check out their website and follow them on LinkedIn.

We are continuing to profile our customers everyday, and we want to know who uses SmartFile and how they use us. It’s also a great time to find out what we’re doing right and what we can improve on.  If your business uses SmartFile and is interested in a company profile, please contact us so we can feature you next time!

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