Climbing the Confidence Ladder: From Wannabe to the One Who People Want to Be

Let’s face it.  Self-confidence plays a huge role in the office.  Whether or not they really are, those confident colleagues of yours seem to always have the world going their way.  And because their large personalities mean so much in the workplace, these positive productive machines pass you up on the company ladder.  I mean, you have just as much experience as that guy, right?  Your presentation skills could blow her’s out of the water.  While you’re sitting at your desk, you fail to realize that being productive in the assignments you are given may not be enough.  Your office expects more from you to gain their trust and respect, not just as an employee but also as a human being.

Solution?  Self-assurance.  A high dose of confidence goes a long way when you’re finally able to tell your boss that amazing idea you’ve been keeping to yourself, when you actually look confident to your colleagues, and when you eventually realize that confident people still find the need to ask questions a lot of the time.  So, let’s take a glance at some of the ways you can change your game plan from the wannabe to the one that people want to be.

1.    Be Curious

A little curiosity never hurts.  If something in the company interests you, research it.  If you feel the market will probably change the way the company operates, look up ways to accommodate.  Think of a great idea that your company should implement?  Back up your ideas with research.  Instead of sticking to your normal projects, ask for ways you can help out in other areas of the company.  Honestly, it shows that you’re ambitious and interested, which is always a good thing.

2.    Make the First Move

So, you have a good idea.  Don’t keep it hidden long enough for someone else to think of the same solution.  If you really want to standout among your colleagues, don’t be afraid to get your opinion out in the open.  Maybe it gets shutdown, or maybe it becomes the next big breakthrough in your company’s development.  Who knows?  An idea or even an opinion at all is better than having absolutely nothing to contribute to the conversation.

3.    Steer Clear of Perfection

Let’s put it this way: Perfection is impossible, so stop trying to reach it.  Everyone has their flaws, and it’s only important for your personal development to recognize your own.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  This is where our idea of ‘perfection’ comes from, and it only makes things worse.  Understand that not everyone knows everything, even the big-wigs ask questions, and that nothing will come to anyone without some hard work along the way.

4.    Communicate

It’s simple, but it’s a biggie.  No one is going to want to be around the silent guy in the corner of the office.  So, to change that perception, walk around your workplace and just talk to your colleagues.  You’ll find that people learn to trust you more when you take the time to say hello.  Not only that, but great ideas are often evolved from two heads, not just your own.

 5.    Look the Part

Not only should you feel confident, but you should look the part as well.  So, take some pride in your appearance, smile often, and focus on the positive. When you look confident, people will automatically assume that you know what you’re doing.  This way, you’re perceived as easily approachable, reliable, and someone that people can trust.

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