Anyone over the age of twenty-three, who has used computers consistently, can probably recall a time when technology failed them in a tangible way. A friend recalled an instance more than ten years ago where they were burning the midnight oil (sans Adderall—can you imagine?), trying to complete a client project that was due the next day. They had spent hours upon hours researching and adding to their burgeoning file when—all of a sudden—their system crashed!

File. Gone. Forever.

If you can recall an event similar to this, your heart may have just skipped a beat as you empathetically identified with this scenario at a deep, personal level. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this make the Mindset List Beloit College prepares every year for incoming Freshmen in the next couple years. If you aren’t familiar with the Mindset List, click here. It’s fascinating.

Fortunately, individuals and businesses alike experience the benefits of today’s rapidly-changing technology like never before. While the nightmare-inducing story described above rarely happens now (at least it shouldn’t if you aren’t living under a rock) due to file back-up, sharing, and management solutions, the particular needs within that solution continue to evolve and redefine per business.

For instance, the cloud initially met the business demand for safe file back-up, storage, and management. However, many of the larger enterprises and institutions now have restrictions on cloud storage for different reasons, such as the risk of file access by a third party (namely the vendor), the business requirement to maintain something behind their own firewall, or other issues specific to the needs of an individual business’s policies or requirements.

For this reason, on-premise solutions are a more recent offering. On-site appliances and virtual file management servers hosted behind a company’s firewall allow System Administrators to manage files hosted natively on their network storage, FTP Servers, Windows servers, etc. while allowing end users to experience the features and tools they desire and the company to meet its business regulatory and compliance requirements as well as maintain accordance with internal policies.

A perfect solution, such as FileHub, will also support scalability as it easily integrates and grows with your business. A perfect solution will also be up and running on your network in a matter of days as opposed to months, freeing you up to focus on other matters – like catching up on the Mindset List. Speaking of which, is it really possible that the college class of 2021 has never heard of dial-up modem?

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