There may be times you need to backup or access your files in a computer with limited capabilities. Knowing the common prompts will help you get your task done easily. The command prompt has a built in FTP program that you can use in a windows machine to access your FTP account.

In order to connect to your account, open command prompt and enter the command ftp <> then press enter. Once you’re connected, the prompt will ask for your username. Type in your username then hit enter. After that, enter your password. You should get a response from the server that says “FTP server ready”. Once you’re connected, you can start managing your files using the command prompt. Here are some common FTP server commands you should know.

  • cd – change directory
  • delete – delete
  • mdelete – delete multiple files
  • dir – list contents
  • get – receive a file
  • mget – receive multiple files
  • mkdir – make a directory
  • put – send a file
  • mput – send multiple files
  • disconnect – terminate FTP session

The windows command prompt allows you to connect to an FTP server and manage your files using FTP server commands. If you are looking for a secure FTP online storage, sign up for SmartFile’s 14 day free trial today.

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