Why So Many Contracts?

Why is it that so many service providers require you to sign a contract to receive services from them?  Everything from getting my lawn cut to connecting Internet access someone wants me to commit to an annual or multiyear contract.  I understand if there is a huge outlay of capitol or labor expense the provider has to endure to get things started, but cutting my grass?

Contracts make me nervous for any product.  If your service is one that provides me value I will continue to use it; however, if it does not then why should I have to stay and pay?  SmartFile does not require any contracts if you decide to signup.  We feel we should have to earn your business every month and provide you the highest level of service and support in the industry.  We are so confident in our product, that we have taken out all of the hoops to cancel by adding a cancel button right in our application.  Hows that for fast file transfer service?

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.