A Convenient Way of Sharing High-Res Pictures to Others

Sending large files like high-resolution pictures to others can be a problem for most. The usual method of sending files is through email. However, every email service has a limited attachment size of 10MB and some even have a limited attachment size receivable limit. This means if you want to send high-res pictures, you need to send them one by one. This can be painstaking especially if you have hundreds of pictures.

If you plan to share your vacation or cruise pictures, you can use DVDs and mail them out to relatives. However, this method can take a while and there’s also a possibility of the disc getting damaged during transport. You can also use the Internet to share pictures. However, most services compress the pictures and degrade the quality. If you want to conveniently share pictures and retain their image quality, consider using an online media storage service. This service lets you do a big file transfer of your pictures and send download links to the people you want to share your files with. The recipients can download the pictures directly from their computer without loss of quality.

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