One way to share pictures with family and friends is through email. However, If you’d like to share hundreds of Christmas pictures, you could end up spending hours uploading photos and waiting for them to be sent. Email only allows a maximum of 10MB file attachment.  Furthermore, sending them in batches can clog up the inbox of the recipient and may take a while. You may use free picture sharing services on the Internet. However, these services only allow a limited number of pictures and they compress them which may result in quality degradation.

If you want a convenient way of sharing your pictures, consider getting online media storage. File storage online is a like a file vault where you can put your pictures and even other documents. The files are sent to an online file server. To share these files, you just have to send out links so other people can download them. Compared to other picture sharing services, this service does not compress or limit the number of pictures you can upload. This means your friends and family can view the pictures in high quality.

SmartFile storage solutions lets you share pictures as well as store other documents. Sign up for a 14-day free trial to see how this service can make picture sharing convenient and easy.

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