Many think that building their own file server is cheaper compared to buying a commercial one. This idea may seem cheaper but it is actually more expensive in the long run. You have to hire someone to maintain the system and pay for the electricity costs. Also, putting the hardware together, configuring the software and optimizing the system can take too much time and effort.

If you need a reliable way of storing and sharing business’ data, consider an online media storage service. This service costs less compared to conventional network storage methods because you do not need to purchase any hardware. This also means you do not need to hire maintenance staff to keep the hardware in good condition.

This service gives you a virtual file data storage that can be accessed through the Internet. This gives you the advantage of being able to access your files anywhere you are, from any computer. For example, if you forgot to print something in the office and you are somewhere else, you can log into your virtual storage account and print the document using a different computer.

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