Rackmount Switch
Rackmount Switch

If you are planning on sharing files in your office using a do-it-yourself file server, an old computer will do. This approach may be cheaper but isn’t a suitable long-term solution. It may also take too much time tinkering with the whole set-up. If you want to immediately implement an easy file sharing solution, you might want to look into online file data storage.

An online media storage service is a faster and a cheaper way of sharing files. You do not need to set up a server in your office. The service is delivered through the Internet which makes it accessible from any computer. This means you can still access your files even if you are outside your office and at a hotel for a convention, for example. You also have the option to set user accounts with different access restrictions. You can also share files with other users even if they do not have user accounts. Download links can be sent out to other people who need temporary access to your files. Worried about them having access for too long?  You can set a link expiration for security purposes.

SmartFile can provide you with the storage solutions you need at affordable rates. You may want to try out our service by signing up for a 14-day fee trial so you can evaluate if the service is fit for your business.

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