In the eternal battle between dark and light, it can seem like darkness is pulling ahead, especially when it comes to online security. Everything we do, from sharing personal milestones to business transactions to medical records takes place online and, unfortunately, those transactions plus the fact that we’re human and prone to error make us very vulnerable.

The good news is there are people out there fighting the good fight to keep us secure. Cybersecurity expert, Nick Espinosa, of BSSI2 is constantly updating our readers on how to stay secure from both personal and professional standpoints. If you’ve missed any of his security-focused articles in the past, now’s a good time to catch up on those and a few more.

Check them out below!

Herding Cats: Understanding the Hacker Mentality

Ever wonder why hackers do what they do? Why do some want to help and some want to harm? There are many different reasons and you can read about them in this article on hacker motivations. Find it here.

You’ve Been Breached! What Now?

Well, first you gotta stop calling it a breach. It’s an incident! Now that you got the lingo down, you can check out this post on what happens after you discover that a hacker has gained access to your system. Learn who you should call and when you should start. Find it here.

Tech Imitates Life: How One Human Vulnerability Compromises Network Security

One of our best qualities as human beings and simultaneously our worst is what makes us most vulnerable to being hacked. Read this to learn how that quality is affecting security systems and how we can be better at preventing breaches and leaks. Find it here.

I Love Ransomware

You’ll have to read it to figure out why the author loves ransomware, but if you’re one of the people that trusts your rickety antivirus software to keep you safe, then you need to read this. It’s a great breakdown on how to avoid getting infected with ransomware and how to use next generation firewalls to secure your network’s perimeters. Find it here.

Cybersecurity for 2017

That’s it for this roundup. Here’s hoping you enter into 2017 with a better sense of security and how to protect yourself against threats. In fact, you can start today by trying out SmartFile free for 14 days to keep your files safe and secure.

Secure File Management

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