SmartFile is looking for talented engineers, both software and operations, to come work on our secure file management platform. We will consider both local and national talent (with relocation available) for our open positions. You can check out the job listings and skillsets here. However, we think the right person will want to know more than just the bullet points of their future position at SmartFile.

What We Want From You

It’s a unique challenge, trying to maintain culture as a company grows. You look to hire skilled people, but you know the wrong attitude in one individual can bring down an entire team. It’s about more than just skill and that’s why hiring is serious business.

There are 3 qualities we look for in every person we hire: aptitude, character and passion.

We want you to excel at your position and have the necessary skills or aptitude for the position, but we don’t hire “brilliant jerks.” We’ve all worked with brilliant jerks, they ooze talent but bring along a sour attitude that makes them unpleasant to work with.

We look for character, an elusive set of traits for sure, but you know someone with character when you work with them. In the tumultuous world of a startup, you have to make decisions quickly and sometimes on your own. If we hire someone with character, we can trust them in those decisions.

Lastly, we want you to be passionate about what you do and the position. Maybe your favorite activity is working with APIs or maybe you write love letters in Python, either way, your passion for this position will be what makes it the place you look forward to coming to every day.

What You Can Expect From Us

As with most tech companies, we like our employees and the hard work they do, so we reward them with a host of benefits. We’re centrally located in Downtown Indianapolis and we pay for your parking. We offer a competitive salary, company stock and we’ll match of up to 4% of your salary in 401K contributions. Your hours can be flexible and you can take as much vacation as you want with our unlimited vacation policy. Other fun benefits include a weekly basketball game, free snacks and drinks and a casual dress code.

Who You’ll Be Working With

We are motivated to create an excellent product for our clients and we couldn’t do that without the hard workers that make up our DevOps team. To get a peek of what it’s like to be on the DevOps team at SmartFile, we talked to some of our engineers and developers, both those beginning their career and those well into it, about their experiences.


Alex Kubacki

Everyone has the opportunity to influence and give input on our product. We have a collaborative environment where we’re all encouraged to speak openly and share ideas during the development process, even with the leadership team.

– Alex Kubacki, Senior Operations Engineer


Jess Luke

It’s conducive to learning. As a new grad, it’s been nice being able to learn things in a place where it’s okay to ask questions. Since there are no specialized roles everyone is available for questions and help.

– Jessica Luke, Full Stack Engineer

Open Environment

Taylor Brazelton

My favorite part of SmartFile is the lack of bureaucracy; there’s no red tape. I hadn’t really experienced that in previous jobs. I also appreciate the values that people display here, everyone is hardworking, everyone has ownership, everyone is self-sufficient, and those are the kind of people I look up to.

– Taylor Brazelton, Full Stack Engineer

A Real Engineering Culture

Travis Cunningham

It’s a real engineering culture here at SmartFile. It’s not just about being in your seat from 9-5, but it’s about getting your work done and working collaboratively, even across departments. I love the fact that I get to build a rapport with sales and learn what our customers need, then I get to go out and build it.

– Travis Cunningham, Software Engineer


David Galitsky

Compared to other places, one thing that sticks out is the freedom we have here. We’re agile and have 2 week sprints, so we can essentially pick any task in the sprint backlog. Even though my focus is in Front End Development, I can choose to work on the file system if I want, or billing, which lets me learn and even help catch the team up if we’re behind.

– David Galitsky, Software Engineer

Personal Growth

Ashley Mathew

The problems we’re solving at SmartFile are always interesting. Sometimes that can be frustrating, but it’s never boring! There’s something rewarding about being this customer-focused. We can build the features they need and with that, help them work through their issues.

As far as our team goes, everybody’s really good at identifying strengths and they help you push to explore them. There’s always an identifiable next step for each person on the team, regarding career growth, and the opportunity to do that is here at SmartFile.

– Ashley Mathew, Operations Engineer

So, are you ready for your contributions to matter? Apply to join our team!

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We’re a growing company in downtown Indianapolis looking for talented developers and operations professionals who are passionate, smart and have good character. If this describes you, check out our careers page!

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