You can’t deter every possible cybersecurity risk to your organization, but a crucial step to protecting your company is to educate your staff on cybersecurity.

It’s vital that your employees have a good understanding of the nature of the information your organization has and risks that are associated with mishandling it, unintentional or otherwise. Here’s how to educate your staff on cybersecurity.

Create a Formal Plan

Before you set off telling your team members about every risk and potential attack, create a formal cybersecurity training plan. Just like any other large organizational change, creating a plan will help ensure that nothing is forgotten or miscommunicated. Work with your IT team to figure out what’s best for your organization. They will have plenty of suggestions and points of reference. 

The plan should not only outline how you’ll educate staff, but also what actions they should take in response to a real or potential cyberattack. 

  • Where and to whom should they report a suspicious email? 
  • What number should they call in an emergency? 
  • How should they report a lost company device?

It’s also a good idea to establish and include an internal and external communication plan if your business is the victim of a successful cyberattack. Hopefully you will never need the communications, but you will be so relieved to have them in the case of an attack.   

Communicate The Risks

Even though most people understand what could happen if sensitive information gets exposed, it’s hard to imagine it happening to you. Just because it’s never happened to you doesn’t mean it won’t.

Many people treat cybersecurity threats as out of sight, out of mind. Don’t just outline what could happen; show them what has happened. Use real-life examples to make the threats more concrete. 

Find Your Weak Link(s)

Just because you teach people how to recognize an attack doesn’t mean that everyone will take it to heart. You may need to go the extra step and send out simulated phishing emails to see which of your employees might need extra cybersecurity training. 

Make sure your team members know that the testing and training aren’t about distrusting them, it’s about protecting them. 

Hold Regular Training Sessions

Attacks are ever-evolving, so your training should be, too. Create a culture of cybersecurity by addressing risks and cybersafety in the onboarding process. 

But once isn’t enough, hold quarterly or yearly cybersecurity training sessions to keep your employees up-to-date on the latest scams and malware. 

Cybercriminals are becoming more and more sophisticated and convincing, even mirroring the look and language of legitimate companies like universities or banks. As a business, you have to make sure that the information you deal with is safe and secure. Since your staff is on the frontlines, their education is essential. 

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