Europe Data Privacy for File Sharing has New Solution

Companies all over the world can benefit from on-premise file sharing and file storage.  It helps in countless ways to maintain more security and compliance without leaving your files in the cloud and on your network instead.  But what options do European companies have to maintain complete control over their data without the threat of spying or data leaks? Let’s go over some of the problems and a solution for this.

Every company puts a high value on security.  Nobody wants anyone outside of their company seeing their files, especially from other countries.  According to LeMonde, the NSA has an average of three million data intercepts per day, with peaks at almost seven million in France.  This shows that government agencies are easily getting data from European countries.

Everyone wants to keep their company as safe as possible, but there are ways for people to potentially access your data if it is stored outside of your secure network. A solution to this would be something that will keep files and information safely behind a secure network and not hosted outside in locations unknown (or outside the country). This is the safest way to use a file sharing system without worrying about security risks from outside of your company.

SmartFile offers an on-premise appliance that will keep all of your company’s files secure.  With constant audit reporting, companies can monitor everything that is happening in real time and store logs for previous time periods.  Decide the policies and procedures that will keep files as safe as possible through user and file access permissions.  Best of all, SmartFile will take care of all of the maintenance of the hardware without an additional cost. With SmartFile, companies in the EU will be able to maintain a high level of security and compliance without any worry of data privacy.

If you have any questions about security with the enterprise solution, leave them in the comments below!

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.