My father taught me…

In light of Father’s Day weekend, I asked some of the guys in the office to finish the phrase ‘My father taught me…’ to explain the best piece of advice that their dads have given them.  Here are some of their responses:

“My father taught me how to handle myself in the school yard. ‘Always throw the first punch; chicks dig tough guys. Never hit anyone you can’t outrun. And if you ever find yourself in a fair fight, your strategy sucks.’”

-Brian Dowden, Director of Client Services


“My father taught me that when you’re a kid, it’s okay to be a dreamer. What I didn’t know then is that later in life my dreams would translate into what others refer to as ‘vision’.  He also taught me ingenuity and the lost art of fixing things yourself.”

-John Hurley, President


“My father taught me everything I know about DOS. When the family purchased our first PC, he would not let me use it until I read the entire DOS 4.0 user manual. I hated it at the time, but looking back, it was a great lesson in using technology; read first, then do. Dad never read the manual, he quizzed me by opening it to a random page and asking me a question from its contents. From that point forward I knew more about using a computer than he did.”

-Ben Timby, Chief Technology Officer


“My father taught me that our family ‘spreads cheer wherever we go’.  This usually means a practical joke or at least tricking someone.”

-Sean Farley, Senior Software Engineer


“My father taught me that it’s okay to be weird.  No matter how silly, goofy, or crazy I get, Dad will always be there to laugh with me.  Hands down.”

-Kelly Borter, Marketing Assistant


Feel free to add your own response, and have a great Father’s Day weekend from SmartFile!

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