May Features Release

Upload Multiple Files
No more having to select one file at time to upload. You can now select multiple files from your Windows, Mac, or Linux file browser to upload.

Customize Column Display
Users can now customize what items they want to see in the “Manage Files” section of the website. Choose from Size, Percent, Owner, Creation Date, Modified Date, and even Access Rights.

Archive Management
Archives (.zip, .tar.gz, can now be browsed like folders in “Manage Files”. Contents of the archive can also be downloaded and viewed without a file extraction.

Open Files From SmartFile
When a file is clicked, the file will be rendered rather than downloaded by browser. The default action now opens the file rather than downloading it. (Download is now on Actions menu).

Feature Control
Administrators can now hide the “Activity” and “SmartBackup” utility in the user management screen.

Improved Payment Management
You now have the ability to easily update your credit card information through our payment screen.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.