We get it — you were just trying to do your job. All you wanted was to share that large file with your coworker, client or boss. But alas, your favorite file sharing method has been blocked. Don’t worry — you’re not alone.

Today businesses are moving away from the BYO trend, whether devices (BYOD) or cloud (BYOC) apps, because of the risks they bring in from lack of oversight and transparency for corporations.

From the perspective of the company, employees having the ability to take confidential work information home may help with remote work but also creates potential liabilities with regards to privacy. Platforms like DropBox or Google Drive don’t allow IT to ensure data isn’t being compromised. Furthermore, these platforms don’t have the encryption necessary to send personal identification information or financial records.

Alas, you the employee needs to do your job. Google Drive makes it incredibly easy to collaborate with clients or coworkers. DropBox and OneDrive make file sharing and on-the-fly changes simple. But with these platforms blocked, work just got harder. So, how can you get back to business?

Present a Solution to Management

IT may not be a DropBox fan, but if you work in a regulated industry then there are few alternatives available that follow the vast HIPAA compliance regulations in place. The good news is that SmartFile does have features that can make administration, regulators and employees happy! Check out SmartFile’s features below or view a handy letter below to help your managers get on board with using SmartFile.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

IT and employees can now work in harmony. Employees can enjoy wonderful features that make file sharing across the office or the world simple.

1. File Sharing and Upload

SmartFile allows users to share a file using a URL. Employees can maintain control over data by prohibiting downloads, creating an expiration time for a link, and even allowing clients the option of uploading a document to your directory. You can keep on top of workflows by also enabling email notifications when someone has accessed or uploaded to your URL.

2. Branded Portal

Both managers and staff can rejoice with the professional appearance of a branded client portal. Simply choose your organization’s colors and add a logo to create a clean, consistent way of client interaction.

3. Easy User Interface

Unlike older FTP programs or overly complex security solutions, SmartFile allows for easy access through a web app from anywhere on any device. The UI can be connected through the desktop so you can navigate it as you would your network drive files. File sharing doesn’t have to be confined to a physical office location.

For Sysadmins and IT Personnel

Systems Administrators and IT personnel can also enjoy a multitude of security features.

Activity Logs
To keep compliance officials (or the company’s enforcement officer) happy, SmartFile offers a security log that tracks user activity. This feature not only ensures that employees are keeping on task, but can be used to look for suspicious spikes in user activity (a possible indicator of viruses like ransomware). We will even sign HIPAA BAA agreements for Unlimited plans.

Granular Permissions
Limit a user’s scope of control by specifying access to directories. Administrators can set limits to the number of times a user can download content and control the ability to delete or add folders.

Security In Transit and At Rest
SmartFile uses AES encryption for transfers. In addition, the platform forces HTTPS, SFTP and FTPS connections for the highest security on your network. No more FTP troubles!

More Control with API and SDKs
Your company’s developers can own SmartFile and automate tasks to create a fluid workflow. SmartFile’s API can be used to:

  • Create user accounts in response to a trigger
  • Integrate online backup with your software
  • Manage user accounts with an external provisioning system
  • Add file sharing to your application or website
  • Pull activity data into another system for custom reporting

Along with a host of other great features, SmartFile offers the perfect combination of self-management and ease of use for employees, with the security and customization to meet a manager’s needs. Now there is a solution to keep you working, without getting blocked.

Want to get back to work? Check out this letter to help get management on board.

Download Your Letter for IT

We’ve crafted a professional interactive letter for you to send to IT. This letter indicates why you need a secure file sharing solution and highlights the benefits of using a tool like SmartFile.

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