File sharing practices today look totally different than those of the past, even in just the last decade there have been major changes and improvements. To understand file sharing in 2019 and beyond you need to have a clear understanding of its past.

File sharing as we know it today began in 1985 when the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was standardized. Instead of faxing important documents (or heaven forbid actually sending them by snail mail), FTP meant that users had access to the same standard network protocol so they could transfer data securely between computers.

As time went on, not only did email and fax, become inefficient or outright impossible to use to transfer large files, but the security of sensitive information had become much more of an issue. An extra layer of security was added, creating FTPS and SFTP.

Today, with the landscape of file sharing growing and changing even more, organizations are taking file sharing security more seriously. People know that there needs to be much more security surrounding their confidential information.

By looking at how people treated sensitive files in the past (and even today), we can make some educated predictions about the future of file sharing.

Take a look at the past, present, and potential future of file sharing.

A Look at File Sharing in 2019

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