file sharing service china firewall

A File Sharing Service Allowed by The Great Firewall of China

The Golden Shield Project or the Great Firewall of China blocks a lot of websites that are considered harmful or a threat. Some of the popular file sharing websites are blocked, making file sharing very difficult. If you are looking for a storage solution that isn’t blocked by China, check out SmartFile’s storage service.

Many people try to bypass China’s firewall in order to share files. However, this can be cumbersome. You need to install programs, look for proxies or edit system files. SmartFile offers a simple solution for sharing files with people in China. You don’t have to worry about dead links or intercepted data. Our online media storage service also offers great features like FTP access, API access, multiple users, file permissions, online file zipping/unzipping and secure file encryption.

You can also use our service as a backup solution. Your files are safe from damage caused by hardware or software issues since your files are stored in our remote servers. Even if your office network or computer system crashes, you can use another computer to access your files.

Try our service today by signing up for our free trial. You get 14-days of unrestricted service to give you ample time to evaluate the features — no credit card required.

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SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.