Uploading large files anywhere can be a total pain.

If you are having trouble uploading a large file to your site, we might have the answer for you. And it’s an answer that you hear from every online troubleshooting expert. Have you tried it in a different browser? We have all heard that at one time or another from a tech support representative, but we promise that it actually has some merit in certain situations.

SmartFile doesn’t limit the size of files that you can upload to your site, only the total amount of storage that is allowed for your particular subscription plan. With that said, certain web browsers have limits on the size of the file you can upload through them.  

Here’s a chart that breaks down of web browsers and the file sizes they can support:

Software Versions Upload Limit
Internet Explorer 32bit All versions (3-8) 2GB-1
Internet Explorer 64bit v. 8 2GB-1 (!)
Mozilla Firefox All versions 2GB-1
Google Chrome All versions >4GB
Opera 10 >4GB
IIS 1-5 2GB-1
IIS 6-7 4GB-1
ASP All versions 2GB-1
Huge ASP Upload 2.3 4GB-1
Huge ASP Upload <2.2 2GB-1

As you can see, different browsers and different versions of browsers support different maximum file sizes.

All versions of Google Chrome and FireFox have the same upload limits, so there is no need to check. But if you are using Internet Explorer, there are a couple of extra bits of information that you need. First, you need to know if your operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit. To find out which system you are using go your computer’s settings, usually represented by a gear, and find your device specifications under the About section. Once you nail that down you need to know what browser version you are using. Go to the settings page on the upper right of your window (the gear once again) and click About.

If you are still having issues when uploading your files through a browser to your site, consider using an FTP connection. We recommend FileZilla, as one of the most widely used FTP programs in the world.

FTP connections, by default, do not have file size limits when uploading or downloading. The only limits are the speed of your internet connection and the geographic distance you are from the server you are connecting to.

FileZilla also supports SFTP and FTPS. Don’t know the difference? We’re here to help with that, too. Learn the difference between SFTP and FTPS and why it matters.

Some secure FTP hosting providers make you decide between SFTP and FTPS. SmartFile can handle FTP, SFTP, FTPS and FTPES connections, among others. Give it a try for free today — no credit card required!

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