Back up Files Regularly or Be Sorry

Computer crashes cause a lot of headache because you can lose documents, pictures, movies and other files. If you want your data to be recovered by a data recovery specialist, you need to prepare a significant amount of money. Like they say, “prevent is better than cure”. That’s why it is important to back up files regularly to reduce the hassles of data loss.

Storage solutions like external hard drives are a good medium for keeping copies of your files. However, external hard drives only offer storage space and don’t have security features to prevent unauthorized access. They also utilize a single drive which means if the disk fails, you’ll lose your files. You can opt to get a RAID server but this can be costly. Online media storage is a good alternative for backing up files. You do not need additional equipment to store data. Online storage also offers several methods of managing data through an FTP client or a web browser. Its simplicity and convenience makes it a preferred storage solution by many.

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