SmartFile Office
Take a look at our brand new furniture!

Our office is taking shape, and boy does it look nice.  With our final delivery of furniture safe and sound in the office, SmartFile can finally take a break from all that heavy lifting.  Lugging a huge sofa up three flights was quite a task, especially since it barely fit through the elevator, let alone the width of the hallway.  I’m already regretting not taking pictures of the entire thing, but maybe it’s a better idea that you didn’t witness it. 🙂

So, with two more green chairs and a sofa, our office now bumps up from about 50% green to around 60%…pretty impressive, huh?  Oh, and who knew the sofa we ordered was actually a couch-bed? No longer do we have an excuse to go home; we can just spend the night working in the office.  Now isn’t that convenient?

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