Flash Drives are Convenient Storage Devices But Online File Data Storage Offers More Security

Portable storage devices are important today because they are used for storing and carrying data. Many people use flash drives because of their portability and convenience. However, flash drives have a storage capacity limitation. If you want to store files bigger than 32GB, you will need to use an external hard drive.

External drives can be bulky and sometimes need an external power source to operate. You can invest in a miniature hard drive but these devices can be expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could carry your files without bulky hardware? You should opt for an online file data storage service. This service is like a virtual drive that can be accessed in any computer using your account credentials. You do not need to install a special software to be able to access your files. Everything can be done through an online file manager. Another great feature of this service is its encrypted communication lines. Every transfer is secured using the SSL protocol.

The convenience of this service gives the best value for your money. Why not start selling this service and let other users enjoy its benefits. Join our Backup Private Label reseller program today to start selling storage solutions. A SmartFile expert will help you through your reselling business to make sure you succeed in this business venture.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.