Hassle Free Sharing of Large Files with Other Users

If you share large files like videos and 3D images with other people, then a thumbdrive won’t suffice. USB flash drives have a limited storage space of 32 GB. Video and 3D files usually take up several Gigabytes of space. You can carry an external hard drive with you but this can be a hassle. Especially because most high capacity drives are bulky and need an external power supply.

For a convenient and lighter way of sharing files, you might want to check out an online media storage service. Instead of storing files in a device attached to your computer, data is stored in a remote server. You can then access your files from any computer using an FTP program or web based control panel. It also supports several secure protocols like SFTP, FTPES and FTPS during data transfer to keep your files safe. Your data is also kept safe on the servers with a 256-bit encryption algorithm.

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