We admit to being a little biased when talking about SmartFile’s great features. In fact, we know our service is one of the best-kept secrets in the file sharing industry. But when the experts from popular sites like Yahoo!, and Examiner.com talk up SmartFile, we don’t need to toot our own horn.

While we focus on providing our customers with the most practical and cost-efficient solutions, it’s great to hear from established experts that we’re doing it right. Stay tuned because we’re forecasting gigantic growth in 2013 via the launch of many new, exciting projects.  In the meantime, take a look at what the experts are saying…


Link to Article on Yahoo – Yahoo! Voices: “SmartFile Offers Businesses an Easy Way to Manage Files”

Lana Bandoim of Yahoo! spotlights SmartFile in her article explaining the ease-of-use and advantages of SmartFile’s system. Bandoim discusses the reliance of file-sharing services for businesses and the expected increase as others realize the sizeable potential of integrating a service like SmartFile.

“SmartFile has addressed a problem that plagues many free file-sharing services offered online.“


examiner – Examiner.com: “File Smarter”

Aimee Smolczyk of Examiner.com explains the added benefits such as the improved organization and productivity SmartFile provides. Smolczyk highlights our API in addition to specific SmartFile features like custom branding, global access, user permissions, and FileHub.

“All in all SmartFile really is a smarter way to file. This service really helps you stay organized and share your files.”


You’ve read what the experts have to say, now see for yourself how easy it is to securely send, share, store and more with SmartFile! “File Smarter” FREE for 14 Days by signing up for a trial today!

Happy Sharing!


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