Managing Multiple Brands Under One Administrative Account

What was originally developed to allow companies to private label our online storage website has taken on a new purpose.  We are now allowing clients to use our “Manage Sites” feature, which allows a business to manage multiple brands under one account.  You might ask, “Who would need such a feature?”.  You might be surprised on how many companies need it without even knowing it they need it.

Business Use Case
You are in charge of an IT department that manages several news papers and magazine publications.  Each one of these subsidiaries have their own web site, logo and image to communicate.  Each magazine also has their own needs as it pertains to managers and users.   Our “Manage Sites” will allow the IT department to create a site for each user and then define how much space that site has access to.  They then can brand that site to the company it represents.  When the user of magazine A logs into upload and download large files it will reflect magazine A’s brand.

This a simple feature to add, but can add great value to an already overwhelmed IT department that does not want to fuss with their own FTP server.

To learn more about this feature or how to upload big file contact our sales department or sign up for a free trial.

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