Different Methods to Send Large Files

There are three basic ways to share large files.

External Portable Devices
You will need a physical storage device like a USB drive, a data disc or an external HD drive. You will also need access to the computer that contains the file you want to share with another person so you can transfer the file to the portable device and give the device to the recipient.

Local Area Network
Computers and devices that belong to the same local network would be able to enjoy easy file transfer. If they don’t belong to the same local network then it would not be possible for them to gain access to each other’s files.

The first 2 ways require that you and the recipient are in the same area. If, say the recipient is in another state, sending files using these methods may be very hard, if not impossible.

FTP Online Storage
The best and most convenient way to send big files is through online transfer. If you are always sending and receiving files online, you might want to consider getting an online data storage service so you can transfer large files easily. With this type of service, you can authorize other people to have access to specific files or folders in your account for a period of time. When the specified time expires, they will not be able to access your files any more. You can also send them a link and a password to your folders.

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