One can easily mount your SmartFile account to a directory on your Linux machine. This gives easy CLI access to your hosted files.  These instructions are based on Fedora 18.

Install curlftpfs from epel repositories.

yum install curlftpfs

Make the directory that SmartFile will be mounted to.

mkdir /mnt/sfftp

Manually mount SmartFile.
curlftpfs /mnt/sfftp/ -o user=username:password

If you want others regular users access, add the allow_other option.
curlftpfs /mnt/sfftp/ -o user=username:password,allow_other

Once you are happy with your mount point and it’s working, you’ll want to add an entry to /etc/fstab to mount it automatically. /mnt/sfdir fuse auto,uid=1000,allow_other,_netdev 0 0

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1 thought on “Mounting SmartFile to a Directory”

  1. I also mount my SmartFile account on my Fedora machine. I use Nautilus to do the dirty work. This might be a better method for those that are GUI inclined.

    1. Click File>Connect to Server…
    2. Enter Server: should do it.
    3. Change Type to: FTP (with login)
    4. Enter username and password.
    5. Click Connect.

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