Large businesses have become accustomed to getting charged per user (or seat) on many business software applications. This type of cost has been the standard for a long time, so it’s typical for business to expect this and for typical software companies to implement this. This is no different in the business file-sharing arena.

Follow the Leader

Large corporations like Dropbox and Box have centered their business and enterprise models on charging a per user fee to use their applications. It seems that others in the market have also followed suit and determined that the norm is to charge per user and force large businesses to increase their investment with every new employee and client. This type of “follow-the-leader” setup is exactly what SmartFile chooses not to do.

The New Way without Limits

SmartFile is going against this trend and is allowing for unlimited users on every account plan. That’s right, no more per-user charges in file sharing. SmartFile enables businesses of all sizes to add and import all their users, clients, contractors, consultants, and whoever else to their account without any risk of increasing their cost. By allowing for unlimited users, SmartFile has gone against the grain of business file sharing charging per user and instead based pricing on storage alone.

The Future

The idea of charging per user is archaic and would seem to hinder true integration due to the issue of constant cost increase. Businesses that want to add more users without a cost increase make sure to try SmartFile and begin adding users worry free. Contact us anytime if you have questions or would like to set up a free demonstration.

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