Unauthorized data access can happen if the channel you use for sharing is unencrypted. This can compromise your customer’s important files. Online storage is a secure and effective method to share files. Your business can now offer this great service with our reseller program.

The best online storage sites offer effective ways to store files and share data with other users. Online storage provides you with secure sharing of files through a SSL encrypted connection. Your customers can now take advantage of this great service through your company. The reseller program allows you to offer online storage solutions under your business name. This program offers several customizations like custom domain name and your company logo on your storage site. Your customers also have the option for a custom domain name and logo once they sign up on your Private Label sharing site. The Reseller toolkit will help you start marketing our services easily. It includes marketing materials to help you promote this service. This can be an alternative stream of additional income for your business.

Help your clients solve their file sharing problems. With SmartFile, you and your customers can mail big file easily. Sign up for our Private Label Program and get your toolkit today.

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