Out of the Office: An Infographic Dedicated to the Trend of Remote Working

Working from home.  It’s getting more common as we speak, and why shouldn’t it be?  With the added benefits of saving time and money, plus the convenience of staying close to home with the kiddos, remote working is becoming pretty popular.  And that’s where we come in…

We have an infographic dedicated to the fad of remote working.  Collaborating ideas on the subject matter, we decided to focus on something relevant in everyone’s lives without all of that technical mumbo-jumbo.  As a result, we came out with a great graphical representation of the modern-day worker.  More people are packing up their belongings and creating offices in their homes, cars, hotel rooms, Starbucks tables, you name it.  So, with all of this moving around, it’s important for your company to be able to provide you with everything you need to get your job done from anywhere you please.

You got it.  File sharing really does help, and it fits the solution for this problem quite well.  Not only does file sharing enable users to have access to their files from anywhere, but secure systems can provide that extra protection needed for the sharing of confidential data and documents, especially in business (rather than resorting to an unauthorized, insecure file sharing system!).

So, take a look at our infographic, and tell us what you think!  Maybe it will make you think twice about that commute into work everyday…

To view SmartFile’s infographic, click here.

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