One of the common problems of computer users is lost files due to a bad hard drive or a virus infection. A lot of people use back up drives to make a copy of their files. However, this solution doesn’t assure data security. Files can still get corrupted especially if the hard drive fails.

If you want a safer storage medium for your data, you can purchase a network attached storage. It uses a RAID 1 for security or RAID 0+1 for added performance and security. However, these devices are very expensive and hard to maintain. If you are looking for a cost-effective file storage alternative, consider getting an online file hosting service. This service is significantly cheaper compared to other mediums. Your data can be accessed through a web based file manager which reduces the need for expensive additional hardware or software installations.

If you are already enjoying the benefits of an online storage service, you might want to consider signing up for a Backup Private Label reseller program. Sell services and brand it under your company name. This is ideal for small businesses that are looking for alternative sources of revenue. Let your customers experience the SmartFile advantage of file management.

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