Online Media Storage Allows a More Efficient Video Post Production Workflow

Video post production processing passes through several stages of editing before coming up with the final video for presentation. Different departments cut the scenes, add captions, titles, transitions, effects and other necessary finishing touches. This may seem like a lot of work but things can be easier and everyone involved can work more efficiently if the video files are accessible in a central storage medium where every department can access the files and make changes immediately if needed.

If you are looking for a central storage system, you might want to consider an online file storage service. This lets you to share files with other departments for editing without burning unfinished videos to a disc and sending them to another department. With this service, other employees can do a remote file transfer and download the other files directly to their computers. This makes editing faster and your work flow more efficient. Another advantage of this service is you do not need additional hardware to enjoy the benefits. You have a virtual storage space that is accessible from any computer using your login credentials.

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