Data CenterStoring files in an external drive or a network drive can be costly and hard to maintain. External drives can also fail if dropped or jarred during use. If you want to store your files safely, the best thing you can do is to get an online media storage service.

Buying a file storage drive, especially for small businesses, can cost a fortune. External drives and network drives are hard to maintain. You need to monitor the drive for signs of failure, virus infiltration and do several maintenance tasks to prevent data loss. If you are not tech savvy and have a busy schedule, you might need to hire an IT guy to do this task for you. This can be expensive. To save time and money, you can sign up for an online file sharing service. With this service, you can use express backup software to store your files online. The program connects to your account and does an automatic FTP upload to the server. Your data is stored in secure servers maintained by a professional staff.

If you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a server on your own, consider getting an online file sharing account. Sign up for SmartFile’s 14 day trial if you want to experience this great service for free.

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