Get Your Online Media Storage Reseller Tool Kit Today

Businesses depend on sharing files with other users. The usual methods are through local network storage systems or email. While these methods work, it is not always recommended because there are a lot of problems you may encounter when sending important files through these methods. Some of the problems you may experience are corrupted files, viruses and data loss. A better way to share files is through an online File Transfer Protocol service.

Online storage offers a cost-effective solution to businesses. It is cheaper to implement and maintain because no added hardware is needed. Data can be accessed through an online file manager or using File Transfer Protocol. There is no need for special software or additional hardware. Most Operating Systems have a built-in browser or File Transfer Protocol Software. This makes it very convenient for you to integrate this type of service with your current business processes.

You can now offer this great service to your customers through the reseller program. Take advantage of the File Sharing Private Label Program. This business opportunity allows you to resell and brand this service under your company’s name. This can be a potential stream of additional income for your business. Be a part of the SmartFile community by being a reseller today.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.